Joel & Lauren, Armstrong Creek

Anne & David, Ballarat

For some time, we had been considering the option of installing Solar at our new home.  After making contact with a number of suppliers we were left a little confused with the information we were provided.  It was when we contacted Sunrise Innovations that the process of what we needed to do become a lot clearer. From our first call, the service we were provided with was excellent.  The details of what we needed were made clear to us in a manner that we were able to understand.  We received regular updates from then on which gave us a feeling of confidence that we had made the correct decision.  On the few occasions when we needed clarification, we were given with the information we were seeking. From the time of our first contact with Sunrise Innovations until the final installation we can only give the highest praise and would certainly have no hesitation recommending their business to anybody considering Solar.

John, Anglesea

I reached out to Sunrise Innovations as I was sick of paying high power bills and got a 6.6KW installed. The process was seamless, they handled everything. Brandon was very informative explaining the differences between all the products out there and the installers on the day were very professional and understood the technical side which was a huge help! Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy company to deal with.