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  • Step 1 – Site Audit
  • Step 2 – Proposal and System Design
  • Step 3 – Engineering
  • Step 4 – Installation
  • Step 5  - Save Money
  • Step 6 – Monitoring and After Sale Support

Arrange an obligation free consultation with one of our experts to discuss your options. In this meeting we will establish the size, cost and location of your solution and also outline the rebates and incentives available to you. We will also detail your business hours so you can utilise the free electricity generated to maximise your return on investment.

Understanding that in business cash flow is paramount, we will also detail finance offerings at $0 up front with a guaranteed cash flow positive result from day 1 that will put money back into your P & L so you can invest and grow your business. 

In this phase, the plans for design and installation are formalised. You’ll receive a full proposal detailing all specifications discussed in step 1 and a design drawing showing how the panels will be arranged to capture maximum sunlight and how the construction will be executed.

The process of engineering can vary depending on your project type and size of system. Larger systems may require an extra site visit from one of our electrical engineers to ensure structural stability, safety and compliance. The Engineer will also provide a report that the installers will utilise during the installation process. Smaller systems will most likely only require a site visit from the actual installer to confirm everything is in order.

On the day of installation, our team will attend your site with all materials and equipment required for installation. All installers are fully licensed and accredited to ensure the highest possible standards and compliance are met. Please ensure they have easy and clear access to the required work areas including roof and ceiling access points, and any other sites identified on the day. 

Our experienced installers will ensure minimal disruption to normal operations, you’ll still want to prepare for things like alternate parking spots and temporary power shutdowns, depending on the nature of your business and size of the system. Most experienced solar installers have clever work-arounds that will help to minimize disruptions to your normal operations. Picking a reputable retailer like us is critical in this regard. 

Due to the nature of businesses roof space and working hours, you will start saving money immediately. Your purchase will be tax deductable, and can be financed or leased at $0 up front which result in cash flow positive returns from day 1.

Your business will be provided with instructions on how to monitor your solar system all from the comfort of your mobile, tablet or laptop. You will be able to view what your system produced yesterday, last week, last month, last year. We will also provide you the necessary contacts for after sale support to give you peace of mind that our job does not finish after installation has been completed.