Squeeze the most out of your Solar System

Follow the Sun

When it is a beautiful bright sunny day, use your power. Run your washing machine, dishwasher, air conditioning, pool and perhaps charge all electronic devices. Even if it is a day with overcast, you can use your power.

Minimize your consumption at night.

You don’t have to live by candlelight but use LED lights and turn devices off if they’re not being used such as television and, bedroom lights. This way, you’re shifting your usage more to daylight hours and minimizing your evening consumption when your solar panels aren’t producing. Not to mention reducing carbon emissions.

Know where your power goes.

A basic energy audit is a very good idea, so you can perform energy management. Some things you can do to save serious amounts of energy around your house; Switch lights off during the day and make the most of natural light Use fans instead of air conditioners if the heat is only moderate Switch off appliances at the wall instead of using stand-by power (which can account for 15% of a power bill) Disconnect any second or third refrigerators or freezers when they’re not in use Ensure your house is properly insulated Having solar is the first big step to saving power, but these small adjustments could multiply your savings with solar.

Make hot water electricity!

If you are producing solar electricity, you should convert your hot water systems to electric boilers. Instantaneous water heaters also allow the heating of water close to the tap – for instance as under- sink units. The water temperature can be adjusted to exactly what is desired. The demand for hot water is the same over the course of the year. During the late spring and summer, that demand can entirely be met by solar power. That increases the level of self- consumption.

Keep your panels clean and clear.

Giving your panels a clean every 12-18 months ensures your panels are getting as much light as possible as dust on your panels filter and reflect light and may slightly reduce their efficiency.